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Father’s Day gifts for dads you adore, tolerate, and everything in between

Dads are half of the reason you’re here, so celebrate your existence by celebrating theirs. Sure, you’ll never be able to give them something as special as the gift of life, but you can try! Here are our picks:

1. Bluetooth headphones

Bose Bluetooth Headphones



If they’re good enough for me, they are a good fit for Pops. The QuietComfort 35 (Series II) over-ear headphones are my go-to for traveling, office listening, and blocking out unwanted noise. They hold a 20-hour charge, interact with virtual assistants, and connect over Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication). The headphones can be used wirelessly, with a 3.5mm cable, and have adjustable noise cancellation. This means he can choose how much outside noise he wants to let in. $349.

2. Wi-Fi clock

LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock for Smart Home

LaMetric Time


This isn’t your average digital clock, just like your father isn’t just any father. He can customize its face with icons and animations, and get updates from apps for info like the weather, news, and social media updates. He can also connect smart home products and stream music from his smartphone. The clock connects over Wi-Fi so it always shows the correct time.