Idera Running the Web API Service on Nginx

Idera Animation is one of the hobbies I enjoyed watching. When I watch it, I have a lot of memorable moments that left deep traces and emotions. Sometimes a word in the film is sometimes a character’s laughing crisis or a dramatic incident. I recently watched the Sing movie, which I had watched for a while, as one of my long-time books. Buster Moon, who can not get rid of troubles with the bank due to financial problems, writes the following sentence in a point where film in is full of all hopes;

Idera “When you’ve reached rock bottom, there’s only one way to go, and that’s up!”

Idera  When you go down to the bottom, there is only one way to go, which is, “YUKARISIIII!” If I do not remember what it was like. I can say that the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 are similar to what it is supposed to mean. Now we are connected to your central studios.

In a time when I was working on some time, I was trying to customize the Authorization mechanism of a REST service written in WCF and host it over IIS via SSL. It was easy to handle the authorization process by writing the service, throwing it to IIS, generating an experimental certificate on IIS side, making the site callable via SSL, and deploying the ServiceAuthorizationManager derivative class. By a few minor tweaks I found myself in the test case. However, I was in the process of getting mistakes while your service was approaching the foot. At the end I came to a point where I was bored and struggled with the script that I had and worked on.

Idera I said to myself “I’m going to try this on West-World or Gondor.” Both were computers with Ubuntu 16.04 versions. I leaned on the arms and headed to the terminal to create a Web API service. However, there was a serious problem. Linux and IIS. Ovv yooo … Of course there can not be such a union. The alternatives at hand were obvious. Apache Server, Lighttpd and Nginx. Nginx was when I stopped watching. The subject came to a different place, of course. My current goal is to host a sample Asp.Net Core Web API service on the NGinX environment I will build in West-World.