Idera, Inc. 2018 Predictions

Idera, Inc. is one of the largest privately held US software companies. We focus on providing Best-on-class Technology Productivity tools for development, database management, and testing. We carefully monitor industry developments to ensure that our products continue to evolve and provide excellent value to out thousands of customers across the world. Our Developer Tools business had a big year in 2017. Delphi continues to gain incredible momentum across the world. While we have seen historical headwinds in the US, as companies adopt more open and flexible approaches based on “merit,” Delphi will continue to gain market share. Our C++ Builder is also regaining recognition through the powerful VCL and FMX frameworks for native cross-platform development. In August, we acquired Sencha (ExtJS), combining the leading commercial JS framework and tool-set for enterprise web app development into our portfolio.

As 2018 gets into full swing, it’s a good time to revisit the application development trends that shaped our industry in 2017 and make some predictions. After all, developers will rule the world!